Gluten Free in Berlin: 12 Best Restaurants

Brandenburg Gate // Berlin, Germany

Whether for health reasons or simply because you want to eat gluten free in Berlin, check out these restaurants that have everything from German cuisine to international.

Scroll down for some extra tips while you’re in the city. There’s more than just gluten-free foods in restaurants!

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Fasanenstraße 74, 10719 Berlin, Germany

  • Around: Ku’Damm (Kurfürstendamm), KaDeWe

Rosenthaler Str. 72, 10119 Berlin, Germany

  • Around: Hackescher Markt

Looking for fresh bread or pastries? You can grab some at this bakery. There are two locations that are pretty spread out in the city, so there’s a good chance you’ll come across one. I wouldn’t plan to come here to actually eat a meal though. The only “meal” they provide is grilled cheese (pictured above). For other instant food, you can grab pastries or an ice cream sandwich.

GF: everything


Pizza Restaurant


Locations (more)

Am Alex, Rathausstraße 6, 10178 Berlin, Germany

  • Around: Alexanderplatz

Augsburger Str. 43, 10789 Berlin, Germany

  • Around: Ku’Damm (Kurfürstendamm), KaDeWe

This restaurant has an interesting ordering system. You order on a screen, get a buzzer, and grab the food yourself, despite it being a nice seated restaurant. Not everything is gluten-free, but you can get pizza and unique salads. Unfortunately, when I visited they were out of gluten-free pizza, so take into account that that can happen.

GF: pizza, salad

Tapiocaria Berlin

Brazilian Restaurant


Location: Samariterstraße 34A, 10247 Berlin, Germany

You probably didn’t come to Berlin to eat Brazilian food, but, trust me, the food here is delicious. I highly recommend the coxinha’s – doughy on the outside and a flavorful filling on the inside (meat and vegan options). They have a unique menu with foods you probably haven’t tried yet – unless you regularly eat Brazilian food.

GF: all regular dishes

Witty’s Currywurst

Fast Food Stand


Wittenbergpl. 5, 10789 Berlin, Germany

  • Around: Ku’Damm (Kurfürstendamm), KaDeWe

Friedrichstraße 141, 10117 Berlin, Germany

  • Around: Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus

If there’s a German/Berlin food you need to try its currywurst – and, no, it’s nothing like the curry you find in other cuisines. I recommend getting the currywurst and fries here, and ensure you don’t get the bread. This chain also happens to be organic, which is a nice plus.

GF: currywurst, fries


Austrian restaurant


Location: Kantstraße 153, 10623 Berlin, Germany

  • Around: Ku’Damm (Kurfürstendamm)

Germany is very close to Austria, so it’s a nice chance to try out their cuisine if that’s as close as you are getting. It’s also rare to find gluten free wiener schnitzel, because, as you can see, it’s breaded meat. Make sure that when you order, you specify that you want it gluten free. There are select dishes that cannot be made gluten free, but many can.

GF: wiener schnitzel, and many items that can be requested gluten free


Indian Restaurant


Location: Sigmaringer Str. 36, 10713 Berlin, Germany

Here you’ll have an array of Indian dishes to choose from! Everything from tikka masala to palak paneer. There’s even a fried chicken wing starter – which is usually not gluten free but is breaded in chickpea flour here. Unfortunately, the naan and samosas are not gluten free, but this little restaurant nook in a residential neighborhood won’t disappoint.

GF: curry, rice, tandoori, chicken wings

Beets & Roots

Salad Shop


Locations: stores 

This is perfect if you’re looking for a place to get some micronutrients through bowls and salads. The wraps are not gluten free, and for the rest of the items, it’ll tell you on the menu if it is “glutenfrei” (gluten free).

GF: bowls, salads

Käfer (Reichstag Building Restaurant)

German restaurant


Location: Platz der Republik 1 Reichstagsgebäude, 11011 Berlin, Germany

  • Around: Brandenburg Gate, Großer Tiergarten, German Chancellery

This is a very unique restaurant, as it is located on the rooftop of the Berlin parliament building. It is more high-end, but the food reflects its price. You’ll have to request certain items be made gluten free. In turn, the schnitzel of veal does not come breaded if made gluten free. The view of this restaurant is something different though.

GF: request items gluten free

Superfoods Berlin

Health Food Cafe


Location: Schlüterstraße 37, 10629 Berlin, Germany

  • Around: Ku’Damm (Kurfürstendamm)

This is a trendy cafe with avocado toast, juice, bowls, lattes, and more. It’s a very convenient place for healthy grab-and-go items, but the location itself is nice as well.

GF: bowls, toasts, bagels, desserts, waffles


Israeli Restaurant


Location: Fuggerstraße 35, 10777 Berlin, Germany

  • Around: Ku’Damm (Kurfürstendamm), KaDeWe

Before you come here, ensure you have sufficient cash (in euros, of course), because they only accept cash. Other than that, this restaurant has some good options for Israeli food. It is more of a sit-down restaurant but the service is pretty quick.

GF: hummus, falafel, salads, select dishes on the menu

Caras Gourmet Cafe




This cafe has multiple locations in Berlin, and is a great on-the-go choice or even to stay and have coffee and eat. As you can see above, there are many pre-packaged items that you can grab, where you can also read the ingredients to ensure it’s safe. They do also have gluten free pastries like brownies and cake, but they are placed openly next to normal pastries, so there is definitely cross-contamination.

GF: bowls, salads, drinks, pastries

Dean & David

Health Food Restaurant/Cafe


Locations: stores 

This health-food cafe specifies that it is not safe from cross-contamination, so be wary of that. Otherwise, they have lots of nourishing bowls and salads. I did notice that the vegetables didn’t look that fresh, but the sauce made up for it. The pro is that this fast-casual restaurant has many locations across Berlin.

GF: bowls, drinks, salads


  • English: gluten free; German: glutenfrei
  • English: celiac disease; German: zöliakie
  • There are many drug-store-type stores that have a wide selection of gluten free products. Of course, they don’t offer fresh products, but more packaged items such as bread, pasta, cereal, bars, desserts, and snacks. The stores listed below have many many locations in Berlin:
    • Rossman
    • DM
  • Check out a bio markt in Berlin. Their focus is organic foods but accompanying that they are grocery stores with many healthy options including gluten free. Bio Company is a large chain that you are likely to find, but there are also lots of smaller bio märkte in Berlin.
  • Be aware of closing times and days. Before you plan to go to a restaurant do a quick search to ensure that it’s still open. On Sundays especially, stores have few to no hours. Many stores also close at 6:00 pm (18:00) daily, so you may want to plan ahead of time for dinner.

By Location

(+ more restaurants listed)

KaDeWe & Ku’Damm

  • Aera
  • Vapiano
  • Witty’s Currywurst
  • Ottenthal
  • Beets & Roots
  • Superfoods Berlin
  • Feinberg’s
  • Caras Gourmet Cafe
  • Dean & David


  • Goodies Eat Peace – Cafe im Globetrotter

Brandenburger Tor

  • Käfer
  • Witty’s Currywurst

Hackescher Markt

  • AERA
  • Daluma

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