Why You Need to Attend an Educational Conference

educational conference

Are you an educator, principal, or connected to the field of education and academia in one way or another? Then an educational conference may be the right fit for you.

After serving as an ambassador at educational conferences, here are some thoughts and insights you may find helpful.

Here is a list of some Teaching and Learning Conferences, but I still suggest doing your own research to find the ones that interest you.


What is an educational conference without learning? Learning from other educators. Obtaining different teaching styles and methods. Hearing from experts. Retain from stories. Learning from people that are in your field (or adjacent to it) and their experiences.

Every field develops constantly and this is a way to keep up with that knowledge and ensure you are implementing the newest and best methods of academia.

Often conferences hold workshops or something similar, where you can learn from presentations or hands-on, depending on the method and focus of the workshop.


Arguably one of the biggest benefits in virtually any industry is having a large network. Because you’ll be surrounded by people in your field, this is the perfect opportunity to network.

Depending on what educational conference you attend, you’ll be surrounded by teachers, principals, professors, board members, and other educators. Perhaps even from all across the world.

It is the perfect opportunity to gain their perspectives and make connections with people you otherwise may not get the chance to meet.

Some educational conferences give dedicated time to make connections with the people attending, and that is when you should take advantage. Other fitting scenarios include between events, and during meal times.

It’s also important to note that you may be surrounded by people you want to build good connections with the whole time. That means any opportunity given to speak, make it worth it, because people will notice, and may even walk up to you in response to something you said.

Networking is extremely important. Learn more in 7 Things to Take Advantage of that’s FREE in College.


If you’re having doubts or nerves attending an educational conference, don’t worry there’ll probably be enough fun to indulge in.

Some conferences offer delicious catering that people look forward to every year. Other times there will be fun activities conducted and exciting merch to take home for free. I’d argue making connections in itself is also fun!

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Similarly to the learning aspect, there is a reason that the conference is taking place. To spread something –ideas, tactics, experiences, methods, ways, to inspire, etc. Either you can utilize this conference to be part of spreading whatever idea it is, or you can absorb others’, or better yet – and the most common one – you do both!

Oftentimes the educational conference already has a main idea set in place whether that be teaching strategies, equity, STEM, project-based learning, international education, hands-on learning, literacy, etc.


Identify your goal for attending the conference. Is it to make a change? How so? Is it to build connections in the field? How will you utilize them? Is it to simply learn and develop and see where it can lead you to in creating impact in academia?

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