Did You Know These Are German Companies?

You probably know BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi… are German companies. Yes, so many car businesses. But here’s a list of some that may surprise you. Brands you use or see often. Do you know where they originate from? Where they’re headquartered? The automotive, electrical, mechanical,…

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Gluten Free in Berlin: 12 Best Restaurants

Whether for health reasons or simply because you want to eat gluten free in Berlin, check out these restaurants that have everything from German cuisine to international. Scroll down for some extra tips while you’re in the city. There’s more than just gluten-free foods in…

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European Photo Collage: Experience Parts of Europe

If you’ve wondered what certain cities in Europe look like, here in this European photo collage, you can envision some of the beauty through still media. There are features of everything from a large view of the Roman Forum to looking out from the inside…

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