5 Free Study Spots You Need to Try

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Whether you’re in school, working remotely, or simply need some new places to be productive, here are 5 (maybe new) free study spots for you.

Don’t bring your work home and don’t bring your home to work


Maybe you’ve been getting bored of your recent study spots. Or are starting to feel less productive at your go-to spots and need a change.

It can also be difficult to stay productive at home with distractions, the lack of separation between work and life, the bed, and so many more reasons.

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1. Fancy Buildings at Universities

Yes, libraries are nice places to study, but there are also other buildings that might be just as gorgeous and likewise not too noisy.

For example, an open research building often has study spots. A lot of universities are open campuses, meaning you don’t necessarily need to be a student to enter. So enjoy some of these buildings where other students may be studying/working too.

2. Fort

As cheesy as this sounds, it can be so comfy.

Give into your inner child and build a fort. You know – chairs topped with blankets or sheets as a roof. Add some fairy lights for the ambiance. You don’t even need to leave your own home if you don’t want to, but still, feel like you are somewhere else.

It’s cozy, comfy, cute, and a new scenery in your own living space.

3. Study Picnic

Parks and beaches don’t just have to be for free time. Enjoy the outside scenery with a picnic blanket to lie on and your laptop – or whatever material you need to be productive. Make sure you have a hotspot for internet access.

4. Book Stores

Yes, the public library is a nice study spot, but have you tried a local bookstore?

Those often have places to sit, are also quiet, and maybe even be a little smaller environment. Love a good Barnes & Noble or a local business.

5. Take Advantage of the Outside

If it’s good weather (or even if it’s simply bearable), the outdoors in general can be a great study spot.

Other than the park and beach you can also go by the bay or a lake. Sit on the sand or maybe even float on the water if you want to take it to another level. Maybe there’s a secluded hike that has benches along the way or rocks to sit by where not a lot of people walk by.

Just think outside + slightly quiet + decent weather.

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