Gluten Free in Boston: 10 Must Go Places

Boston city

Heading out to Boston or are you already in Boston and don’t know what to eat on a gluten free diet? Check out these delicious restaurants and cafes. Even foods that you need to try in Boston like clam chowder and fish and chips can be found gluten free in this list.

Many of these restaurants are also in various locations in Boston, so you’re bound to cross them in your time there eventually.

Something to look out for in Boston restaurants is to check beneath the menus. Many restaurants will say something about gluten free, whether that be to tell the servers you have an allergy or that there are options. The eateries in the city as a whole are quite accommodating to this dietary preference.


Legal Sea Foods

American Seafood Restaurant

Locations & Menus

If you go to Boston, eating seafood is a MUST. But finding traditional foods like fish and chips gluten free can be quite difficult. Don‘t worry, Legal Seafoods has what you need. Their menu offers MANY gluten free options including infamous fish and chips. If you have a severe gluten free allergy or have celiac disease, tell them this as they are very accommodating and will make sure it‘s fried separately. The chef even came out to tell me personally that it was fried in a dedicated fryer. Like many of these restaurants, Legal Seafoods is located across the Boston area, and some even provide a nice view of the harbor. To ensure a nice spot though, I’d recommend making a reservation as Legal Sea Foods is quite popular.

GF (menu varies by location): fish and chips, clams, sushi, fisherman’s platter, poke, toast, fish from the grill, crispy calamari, lobster roll, crab roll, burger, & fries

Boston Public Market

Farmers’ Market


Location: 100 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02108

The Boston Public Market is an indoor area with various vendors that offer gluten free food. Below are three listed covering seafoods, desserts, and drinks.

Red’s Best Fish Market (Boston Public Market)

Seafood Market


This is solely on the list if you are on the hunt for gluten free clam chowder in Boston. It is a must-have dish in New England, but unfortunately, as a thickener, clam chowder usually contains flour. Luckily, Red’s Best, located right in Boston Public Market offers delicious gluten free clam chowder. Note that the crackers served individually packaged on the side are not gluten free. 

GF: clam chowder

Jennifer Lee’s Bakery (Boston Public Market)

GF Bakery


There’s a comfort in knowing the whole store is gluten free. In fact, if you have other allergies as well, this shop is free of the top 9 allergens and is also completely vegan. Desserts include blondies, cupcakes, brownies, cannoli, and more.

GF: everything

Red Apple Farm (Boston Public Market)

Produce Market


Best apple cider I’ve ever tasted. Granted I haven’t tasted that many but the Pink Lady Infused Apple Cider was pretty darn good. If you’re on the hunt for something refreshing yet not typical, try the cider here. (picture above)


Healthier American Fast Casual Restaurant Chain



Ah the typical but classic meals that are still sometimes not gluten free. B.Good has gluten free options including burgers and fries. They may even have a gluten free brownie depending on the location. But if you want something a little healthier they also have a variety of bowls and salads filled with flavor. Like most, this restaurant is available in MANY places in Boston, as it is a chain. In addition to gluten free food, B.Good offers various plant based options, like the vegan taco salad above.

GF: classic fries, sweet potato fries, gf burger bun option, salads, harvest bowls, shakes


Healthier American Fast Casual Restaurant Chain

Menu & Locations

In need of a refreshing bowl or salad after typical traveling food? Pile on veggies and flavors at Sweetgreen located in various places in Boston. They serve their warm bowls and salads in huge bowls. You can even customize your bowl/salad or order the ones already made and listed on the menu. At Sweetgreen you can get all the health without sacrificing the flavor as there are so many options and delicious add ons.

GF(not all): bowls, salads, plates, roasted sweet potatoes

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Cafes & Desserts

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

Bakery & Cafe

Menus & Locations

Tatte is a must-go cafe. You‘ll probably have plenty of opportunities to check it out since they‘re located all over Boston. They have gluten free sweets as well as a gluten friendly menu. As a plus, the stores always look so cute and aesthetically pleasing. Note, if you’re near one of the various colleges in Boston though, they’ll probably be many students studying

Although Tatte has a Gluten-friendly menu, it is not a menu for celiacs. They indicate there will be cross-contamination but you can simply enjoy their coffee. 

iced almond milk latte // dunkin' donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts

American Coffee & Doughnut Company

Menu & Locations 

You will literally find Dunkin’ on every corner. Funny enough, most likely right next to a Starbucks. If you’re new to New England, Dunkin’ is a culture here and you might as well go try it out. Although this place is not necessarily unique, I thought I may as well put it on here as a must-go coffee destination in Boston. The image above is an almond milk latte. Of course, you won’t be able to get gluten free donuts, or any of the food options quite frankly, but you can get coffee or some of the other drinks offered.

gluten free chocolate chip cookie // insomnia cookies

Insomnia Cookies

Cookie Shop

Menu & Locations below

Downtown: 61 Bromfield St, Boston, MA 02108
BU: 708 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

Indeed it is called “Insomnia” – a condition in which people cannot sleep. Therefore this place is open on some days up to 1am. You can find the on the Boston University campus or downtown. If you are not in either of these places, they also deliver until very late. The best part is they give the cookies warm. I was not expecting that and it made the experience that much better. Unfortunately, they only offer one gluen free: the classic chocolate chip, but it is very good. It’s also not everywhere you’ll receive a warm gluten free cookie.

GF: gluten free chocolate chip cookie

green tea bubble tea // Jaho Coffee & Tea

Jaho Coffee & Tea

Coffee Shop

Website & Locations

Chinatown/DTX: 665 Washington Street, Boston, MA 02111 South End: 1651 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118 Back Bay: 116 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02116

I have never seen a cafe offer as many milk alternatives as this shop. Hazelnut, oat, soy, cashew, walnut, hemp, coconut, and almond. I mean if you are not a whole milk fan you have plenty of delicious options.

The image above shows a green tea bubble tea (no milk). As you can see you can get anything from coffee to tea with boba here. They also offer desserts but the majority are not gluten free. A great reason to come here, apart from the ginormous drink options is the vibe. The Chinatown location was so cozy and accompanied by many students working. So if you need a place to get some work done, head over to Jaho.

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