9 Items You Might Forget to Pack for Your Trip

Luggage being packed

There’s always something you forget to pack, right? Well, maybe this list can help you answer that question or avoid “yes” as an answer.

We all get that feeling. The feeling as if we didn’t check enough and later when it’s too late we’ll remember something we forgot to pack for our trip.

Well here are some items you might forget or find really useful otherwise.


As you go about the last day before your trip, every item you use (especially hygienic/cosmetic related products) but also bags, etc., think about packing as you use it if you won’t need it again before you leave or make a note of it.

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1. Empty Water Bottle

The “empty” part is more tailored to if you’re traveling by plane, otherwise, it can usually be full. I’ve made this mistake countless times.

You go to the airport without a water bottle, because you know it won’t make it past security. But bringing an empty water bottle can not only save you the pricey water at the airport shops but is obviously also better for the environment.

Most airports have water filling stations where you can fill your bottle up.

If you’re going to a hotter place, having an insulated water bottle on hand is also convenient for keeping your water cold.

2. Chargers

Because we probably use them until the last second, chargers are so easily missed.

As a side note, don’t forget to leave time to charge all your electronics that you’re bringing on the trip beforehand, especially your cell phone. Once we hit unfamiliar ground our phones tend to become an even more dependent item.

Some chargers you may need:

  • phone charger
  • laptop charger
  • tablet charger
  • bluetooth headphone charger
  • camera charger
  • european charging adapter

3. Extra bags

By extra bag, I don’t mean overpacking on purses and/or backpacks.

I mean packing a…

  • type grocery/tote bag
  • a small fanny pack or purse that you can keep valuable items in and easily keep safe
  • a used plastic bag you have lying around to use for dirty laundry

4. Wipes

In these times, bringing a few extra cleaning items is not a bad idea.

While wipes are often supplied on airplanes, if you’re traveling by train or just don’t want to depend on others, bringing your own can keep your area clean. Even though many surfaces get cleaned, while wiping places down you’ll notice there’s always still more that can be cleaned.

5. Rubber Band

I got one rubber band from a friend one time while packing a sandwich in the beginning of the trip. That rubber band constantly came in handy.

Whether you’ve got an opened bag of chips or wrapping some food for on the go, it’ll keep things more secure than a clip that can easily fall off and take up more room.

6. Hair Brush

Because you probably use this until the last minute it’s one of those last packing items that you just have to remember before you’re on your way out. You can use the tip above to increase your chances of not forgetting a hair brush.

7. Nail File

Nothing is more annoying than doing anything with your hands with a chipped, rigid, or broken nail. All though small, a nail file can really be a necessity at times, so don’t forget it. You could also just dedicate one nail file for your travels.

8. The Weather Items

Yes, “the weather items” is a weird term to call this but it’s a great way to remember. Often times we travel to places with different climates.

For some reason I always account for the clothing difference and pack the right pieces, but forget about the other items needed for a certain climate.

Going somewhere cold? Think about an umbrella.

Going somewhere warm? Pack sunsreen and sunglasses.

9. For the Transport

This is a combination of items that you may not forget for your trip in general but may forget to bring for easy access.

I mean you board a plane from a hot location but forget to pack long pants, a jacket, and socks, for airplane AC.

Or the comfort of a light blanket on an overnight train.

Or a toothbrush for a 10+ hour transportation.

Bring some snacks so you don’t need to purchase overpriced airport/station food.

Floss can also be a lifesaver after you’ve eaten fruit or meat while you’re on a transportation vehicle or on the go.

Items to remember to keep for easy access:

  • warm clothing
  • blanket
  • toothbrush
  • floss
  • snacks

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