European Photo Collage: Experience Parts of Europe

Regierung von Oberbayern // Munich, Germany

If you’ve wondered what certain cities in Europe look like, here in this European photo collage, you can envision some of the beauty through still media. There are features of everything from a large view of the Roman Forum to looking out from the inside of the Louvre Museum Pyramid.

This collage focuses on monuments, architecture, and some nature. It has minimal to no inclusion of cultural aspects such as people and food.

Apart from a European photo collage, you’ll also find a minimal description of three aspects I found stood out in the cities.

All these images were taken in the summer of 2022.

Heading on a Trip? Don’t forget to pack these 9 items.

Eager to get to a specific city? Pick below.

Pick by City


Full of bikes, canals with houseboats, and slim tall-ish buildings with high ceilings.


Full of ancient architecture, narrow streets, and motorcyclists.


Full of narrow stone bottom streets, leather shops, and gelaterias.


Full of narrow windy roads, views of the Mediterranean Sea, and greenery.


Full of art, detailed architecture, and balconies.


Full of greenery (Tiergarten, etc.), bees, public transportation mixed with cars, and monuments in close proximity.


Full of wealthier citizens, clean streets, and greenery.

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