5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

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As the digital world is changing rapidly so are the marketing trends in the space. It’s tough to choose just five, but these digital marketing trends in 2022 are heavily impacting companies’ success.

From advertisements that seem familiar to excessive subscription requests, here’s an overview.

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1. Emailing Lists/Subscriptions

It’s rare to click on a website without an instant popup persuading you to sign up for the company’s emailing list.

Firms will go as far as to offer discounts just for you to sign up. This isn’t without reason.

Emailing lists and subscriptions are a way to consistently reach a customer, keep them up to date with your company, and increase the chance of them interacting with you – that hasn’t changed in 2022.

How else will blogs remind you to return to their website for new readings? How else will companies keep you up to date about their new sales and the happenings shared in their weekly newsletter?

Well, another way is the next strategy…

2. Social Media

More and more brands are increasing their presence on social media, honing in on their social media networking platforms and e-commerce. This in itself contains a variety of forms of content.

How many can one think of? Videos, short videos (reels, TikToks, etc.), stories, posts, and more and more to keep up with every year.

One of the most straightforward actions a new company can do is make a social media account on a platform that aligns with its target customer.

Having a presence on at least one of these platforms can positively influence your customer attraction.

E-commerce on these platforms also continues to grow – I mean Instagram has endless advertisements enticing you to buy now. Not only can you grow a platform, but Instagram’s checkout allows a company to reach the customers on the platform while also having them buy directly on it.

3. Targeted Advertisements

Speaking of advertisements….Why does our search history seem to be following us more and more these days? Through increased use of artificial intelligence, targeted advertisements, and personalization of them in general, this has become an effective tactic in digital marketing.

Have you ever done a little online shopping on, say, Urban Outfitters? Then all of a sudden as you browse the internet for work, research, or otherwise, and you notice all the advertisements are about Urban Outfitters. Or perhaps over time, the ads remain related to what you have been searching about – remaining similar to your interests. Thank you targeted ads.

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4. Big Data

Yet using artificial intelligence and large databases is continuously expanding not only the ad space but optimizing digital marketing as a whole. These technologies become increasingly more advanced, and for good reason, as you get to learn so much more about your customers. 

Unsurprisingly, this is a big part of Amazon’s tactics. From ratings to reviews to sales, they use concepts such as machine learning to improve their customer understanding, their process, success rates, and so much more – data is incredibly useful!

5. Influencer Marketing

There’s another source that focuses a little less on digital and more on utilizing people. Companies utilize the people who dominate the social realm of the digital space – influencers. There’s everything from partnerships with digital creators to sponsorships. 

For instance, the number of times I’ve heard Audible or HelloFresh sponsoring or partnering with influences has made me realize I’ve primarily learned about them through this avenue. I’m sure many can say the same for lots of emerging companies this year perhaps.

Using digital marketing these five tactics are only expanding from 2022.


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