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Contrary to some belief, Father’s Day is not one of those holidays scheming to primarily make business. It actually has a wholesome origin. But it has indeed become a benefit to businesses that you can learn about here.

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If you have a business of your own, you can also scroll down to 5 Ideas to Optimize Father’s Day for YOUR BUSINESS.


To understand the business of something, it’s important to understand its origins.

Fathers Day became a thing decades after Mother’s Day was already official.

  • First Father’s Day: 1966 – 3rd Sunday in June by President Lyndon Johnson & became a national holiday in 1972 by President Richard Nixon
  • First Mother’s Day: 1914 – 2nd Sunday in May by President Woodrow Wilson

But its origins date back further.

The first one was celebrated in 1920 in Spokane, Washington. A woman named Sonora Dodd initiated Father’s Day in honor of her civil war veteran dad, whose birthday was in June. He was a widowed dad left raising six children on a farm. Sonora encouraged Father’s Day to churches in Spokane.

So it wasn’t about spending or money initially. But of course, with buying gifts, comes spending money. In the beginning, sometimes the Father’s Day gifts were bought with the father’s income which was kind of contradictory. The fathers weren’t as into the gifts as mothers on Mother’s Day.

You can see the specifics in the statistics below.


Around 60% of men (over age 15) are fathers, so Father’s Day is a big benefit to businesses. I mean it’s the 4th largest holiday in the US for sending cards.

This day increases revenue, spending, transactions, and other purchases. Let’s check it out in detail.

How much money is spent in the U.S.?

  • Father’s Day: $20.1 billion (2021)
  • Mother’s Day $28.1 billion (2021)

Comparison over the years:

  • 2019: $16 billion
  • 2018: $15.3 billion
  • 2017: $15.5 billion
  • 2016: $14.3 billion
  • 2015: $12.7 billion

How much does the average consumer spend on Father’s Day? $171.79

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Specific Businesses revenue on Father’s Day in 2019:

  • Golf courses: 78% more
  • Grocery Stores: 18% more
  • Restaurants: 42% more (& ticket size was 33% larger)

Gift Cards

  • Bought by the highest percentage of people
  • Father’s Day is the 4th largest holiday for the gift card business

Other businesses that benefit: meat shops and butchers, sporting goods stores, retail, and other special outings

5 Ideas to Optimize Father’s Day for YOUR BUSINESS

Taking advantage of holidays is important for businesses – especially if yours fits well with Father’s Day. If you have your own business or want ideas for the one you work at check out the tips below.

1. Unique Discounts and Promotions

Every holiday people are on the lookout for sales. It may even almost look weird if you didn’t have some kind of promotion or discount for Father’s Day especially if you sell items such as men’s clothing, athletic gear, men’s accessories, and other men’s related products.

A great way to take advantage of the day is to do the weekend of discounts or a little before whilst people are buying gifts.

Ensure you are creating pop-ups on your website and/or retail stores to catch some eyes on your promotions.

2. Homepage Decorations

Just like creating pop-ups, it’s eye-catching to add somewhat of a temporary Father’s Day theme to your homepage.

This way people shopping for Father’s Day are more likely to stay on the page and you just fit with what’s going on in the community so to say.

3. Product Packs

Product packs are not necessarily just categorized as discounts. There are a couple of ways these can be executed for Father’s Day.

The best idea would be:

Mix some popular and non-popular fathersrelated products together in a pack and sell at a slightly lower price than it would cost to buy them all separately.

Then people are tempted to buy the pack because…

  1. Of the drawing aspect that it’s related to Father’s Day (cute, fitting, easy)
  2. It’s cheaper to buy the pack than individual items (in turn, they may be buying more than they would have)

You can also do sample packs. This is where you essentially have miniature sizes of the father-related products in one pack.

That can be tempting since:

  1. It’s fun to have lots of different samples to try
  2. If a person is not completely sure what to buy, it’s a safe bet
  3. People are often drawn to miniature versions of things

4. Gift Guide

A gift guide is an effective way to attract attention to your products.

Let’s say you create a gift guide with 15 products.

On the front side, it looks something like “Father’s Day Gift Guide: 15 Best Products” but really it’s 15 of your products that you’re trying to sell through the gift guide.

The best part about these is they are not just sales or promotions, but a way to help someone. The reason a customer may click on it is more on the fact that it’s helping them.

Of course, you should promote the gift guide itself – through your website, social media, blog, etc.

5. Marketing Campaigns

Ensure there’s Father’s Day marketing across all platforms.

Emails: That means emails that include the theme, discounts, pop-ups, guides, and blogs, all related to Father’s Day.

Social Media: There is social media interaction in relation to the holiday, such as Q&A on Instagram, posting frequently, etc.

Website: As mentioned, your website should also include pop-ups and more.

Don’t Want to Spend Money?

Try these 7 FREE Gift Ideas for Father’s Day.

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