How to Make a Charcuterie Board (gf & vo)

Probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing foods ever: the charcuterie board. Want to figure out how to make a charcuterie board that can also be made gluten free and/or vegan? Check out this guide with tips, ideas, and instructions! The best part about the…

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Easy Hummus Recipe & Applications

Looking for an easy hummus recipe? If you have a blender, you can throw these ingredients together and get a delicious dip, spread, or whatever way you want to eat it. The perk is you won’t be confined to a store-bought 10 oz tub of…

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3 Easy & Healthy Desserts – Nut Butter Edition

All these easy healthy desserts take around 5 minutes to make. While you can eat them right away, for the first two it’s best advised to let them chill in the freezer after which they’ll taste even better. The best part is that these desserts…

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