7 Strategies that Make Whole Foods so Successful

Yes, now Whole Foods has been bought by the infamous Amazon, but it has been running since the 70s. They certainly have a target customer different from chains such as Vons. Known for its heftier price tag, it accompanies organic, good quality ingredients, local, and…

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Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability

Ever thought artificial intelligence could help the environment, for instance, in the form of sustainability? Climate change poses as one of our major problems, if not, the biggest. You know what problems are equivalent to in the engineering world? Something to solve. And more things…

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Artificial Intelligence Bias

Ethical aspects of technology, such as bias in artificial intelligence, are not only quite interesting but important. If technology, especially artificial intelligence, is so powerful we should not expand our current issues to machines because it’ll expand them. Racism, for instance, as detrimental as it…

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